Japanese language school in Tokyo. Small group class and private at Ebisu school, Shibuya ward.
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TV interview ” What do you think about Japanese Low Technology”

 J’s Language School  Fuji TV interview “とくダネ” 2017 Feb. 13th     What do you think about Japanese ローテク (Low Technology)? 日本のローテクについて、どう思いますか? Comments: J’s Students Ms. Eva (USA)      ファックス Fax machine Mr. Abni (Turkish)  しょっきあらいき Dishwasher Mr.Kevin (France)  てちょう Pocketbook Low technology, often abbreviated low tech (adjective forms low-technology, low-tech, lo-tech) is simple technology, often of a traditional …

JLPT Application period by Sep.30

JLPT (The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) Application period by Sep.30 2016 If you take JLPT on Dec.4th, please register ASAP. Application period: September 1 (Thu) – September 30 (Fri), 2016 (-17:00) You can register from this LINK. http://info.jees-jlpt.jp/application/   We recommend you to register by this weekend, Sep.17th, so that you can take a test in …


J’s Japanese School Party 2015 Dec.11

12がつ11にちに、学校(がっこう)の忘年会(ぼうねんかい)を しました。 We had  忘年会(ぼうねんかい) on Dec.11th 2015. ちゃんこなべと お酒(おさけ)を飲(の)んで、ゲームでもりあがりました。おつかれさまでした。 Chanko Nabe was excellent and Gift exchange was fun. Chanko Nabe is a Japanese stew, commonly eaten by Sumo wrestlers as part of a weight-gain diet.   いざかや「笑笑(わらわら)」に いきました。We went to Izakaya called WaraWara. 笑(wara) this kanji means to laugh, smile. Please learn how to write 笑 with our Movie.    

Japanese lesson 12 - How do you say “Where did you buy (get) it?” in Japanese.

Japanese lessons 12 Nihongo no joshi  “de”  /  Japanese particle “de”   ① watashi  wa  keiko  desu. = I am Keiko Yamada. →「wa」: Subject marker (“wa” indicates the main topic of a sentence.) ② watashi  wa  kaban  o  kai-mashita. = I bought a bag. →「o」: Object marker (“o” is placed after a noun and it indicates the noun …

Japanese word list 6 – Katakana words (1) Verbs making with English words

Japanese word list   Katakana words (1)Japanese verbs from English   Nihon-go  ni wa  Eigo  kara  tsukurareta  dooshi  ga  takusan  ari-masu. Ikutsuka  no  Eigo  no  kotoba wa  bunmatsu  ni  ” suru”  o  tsukeru  koto  de, dooshi  ni  nari-masu. ” suru”  o  tsukeru  koto  wa, meishi  o  dooshi  ni  suru mottomo  ippanteki  na  hoohoo  desu. <translation> There …

Japanese School Event 2014

ことしも もうすぐおわりですね。 らいねんも たのしいEVENTしましょう!  

J’s Nihongo party 2014 Dec.12 Friday 19:00

We will have a J’s Bounen-kai (year-end party)  on 12th December on Friday from 7pm in Ebisu.  Please feel free to visit our party.    19:00 Open  1. 19:30 Japanese game time   にほんごの ことばゲーム 2. 20:30 Japanese song time:   にほんごの うたゲーム

J's Party 2014

Special Winter campaign 10%off Intensive Japanese course

“10%off” campaign from Dec. 1st to 19th,  Jan.5th to 23rd !! (for the first 10 people!) Intensive group course 1 week  course 1. Dec.1-5      2. Dec. 8-12    3. Dec.15-19    4. Jan.5-10   5. Jan.13-17   6. Jan.19-23 2 week  course 1. Dec.1-12    2. Dec.8-19    3. Jan. 5-17   4. Jan.13-23 …

Private Japanese lessons 1

Year end Party 2013

  J’s year-end Party in Enjoy House at Ebisu.

Japanese teacher
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