Japanese language school in Tokyo. Small group class and private at Ebisu school, Shibuya ward.
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Don’t Miss Deadline for JLPT

  Every year, there are a few people who can’t take the JLPT because they missed the application deadline. The deadline is earlier than expected, for example, this year the deadline was set as below. (Test date)   (Application period(1 month)) Jul. 3              Mar. 29- Apr. 28 Dec. 2     …

TV interview ” What do you think about Japanese Low Technology”

 J’s Language School  Fuji TV interview “とくダネ” 2017 Feb. 13th     What do you think about Japanese ローテク (Low Technology)? 日本のローテクについて、どう思いますか? Comments: J’s Students Ms. Eva (USA)      ファックス Fax machine Mr. Abni (Turkish)  しょっきあらいき Dishwasher Mr.Kevin (France)  てちょう Pocketbook Low technology, often abbreviated low tech (adjective forms low-technology, low-tech, lo-tech) is simple technology, often of a traditional …

JLPT Application period by Sep.30

JLPT (The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) Application period by Sep.30 2016 If you take JLPT on Dec.4th, please register ASAP. Application period: September 1 (Thu) – September 30 (Fri), 2016 (-17:00) You can register from this LINK. http://info.jees-jlpt.jp/application/   We recommend you to register by this weekend, Sep.17th, so that you can take a test in …


J’s Japanese School Party 2015 Dec.11

12がつ11にちに、学校(がっこう)の忘年会(ぼうねんかい)を しました。 We had  忘年会(ぼうねんかい) on Dec.11th 2015. ちゃんこなべと お酒(おさけ)を飲(の)んで、ゲームでもりあがりました。おつかれさまでした。 Chanko Nabe was excellent and Gift exchange was fun. Chanko Nabe is a Japanese stew, commonly eaten by Sumo wrestlers as part of a weight-gain diet.   いざかや「笑笑(わらわら)」に いきました。We went to Izakaya called WaraWara. 笑(wara) this kanji means to laugh, smile. Please learn how to write 笑 with our Movie.    

Japanese lesson 12 - How do you say “Where did you buy (get) it?” in Japanese.

Japanese lessons 12 Nihongo no joshi  “de”  /  Japanese particle “de”   ① watashi  wa  keiko  desu. = I am Keiko Yamada. →「wa」: Subject marker (“wa” indicates the main topic of a sentence.) ② watashi  wa  kaban  o  kai-mashita. = I bought a bag. →「o」: Object marker (“o” is placed after a noun and it indicates the noun …

Japanese word list 6 – Katakana words (1) Verbs making with English words

Japanese word list   Katakana words (1)Japanese verbs from English   Nihon-go  ni wa  Eigo  kara  tsukurareta  dooshi  ga  takusan  ari-masu. Ikutsuka  no  Eigo  no  kotoba wa  bunmatsu  ni  ” suru”  o  tsukeru  koto  de, dooshi  ni  nari-masu. ” suru”  o  tsukeru  koto  wa, meishi  o  dooshi  ni  suru mottomo  ippanteki  na  hoohoo  desu. <translation> There …

Japanese School Event 2014

ことしも もうすぐおわりですね。 らいねんも たのしいEVENTしましょう!  

J’s Nihongo party 2014 Dec.12 Friday 19:00

We will have a J’s Bounen-kai (year-end party)  on 12th December on Friday from 7pm in Ebisu.  Please feel free to visit our party.    19:00 Open  1. 19:30 Japanese game time   にほんごの ことばゲーム 2. 20:30 Japanese song time:   にほんごの うたゲーム

J's Party 2014

Special Winter campaign 10%off Intensive Japanese course

“10%off” campaign from Dec. 1st to 19th,  Jan.5th to 23rd !! (for the first 10 people!) Intensive group course 1 week  course 1. Dec.1-5      2. Dec. 8-12    3. Dec.15-19    4. Jan.5-10   5. Jan.13-17   6. Jan.19-23 2 week  course 1. Dec.1-12    2. Dec.8-19    3. Jan. 5-17   4. Jan.13-23 …

Private Japanese lessons 1

Year end Party 2013

  J’s year-end Party in Enjoy House at Ebisu.

Japanese teacher
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