Japanese language school in Tokyo. Small group class and private at Ebisu school, Shibuya ward.
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Students commnets

I have fun in class!

Flexibility, friendliness and a pay-as-you-go billing system made J’s my choice when I moved to Tokyo 7 months ago. My learning progress has convinced me to stay. I compared J’s to other big name schools and I just don’t understand why anyone would pay thousands of dollars up-front on a rigid plan when they could learn from these effective teachers on their own timing and terms. I am now able to converse in many common situations and have a solid foundation in Japanese. And I have fun in class!

Student in Japanese class

The best JLPT course in Tokyo

The best JLPT Course in Tokyo, Japan Marco Crisari I have been going to the J’s Japanese Language School for more than 3 years, with them I have prepared and passed the JLPT N4, N3, N2 exams. Currently I am preparing the N1. The school has a very friendly and cozy atmosphere, at the same time the teachers are very professional and know how to teach without making the students bored. Moreover they are very flexible with the times, for me this is a fundamental thing because I live and work here, and my working hours are often unpredictable. The prices are competitive and the school is located very close …

A great place to learn and enjoy the Japanese language

 A great place to learn and enjoy the Japanese language Akaparna DebnathI have been studying here for little over a year now.It has been a wonderful experience.The teachers and staff are extremely helpful and friendly.I like their method of teaching.With their help i studied for JLPT N5,N4 and N3 and now will be studying for N2.Not only the language but they also help you a lot to know about the Japanese culture and history.A great place to learn and enjoy the Japanese language!!

J’s Language school in Ebisu is a great choice

Natty Hoffman If you want to learn Japanese in a comfortable, friendly environment, J’s Language school in Ebisu is a great choice. I’ve been studying Japaneses with J’s Language school for about 3 months total from 2013 to 2015 whenever I’m in Japan, and I’ve loved it. The quality of teaching is great, the teachers are fantastic, and there is emphasis on speaking only Japanese in class as much as possible. Also, the teachers don’t only teach right out of the book, but will also emphasize speaking street Japanese in everyday life. They use the Minna No Nihongo book, which is superb to any other book I’ve seen. The hours …

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