Japanese lessons 7


From what time? 「nan ji kara desu ka?」


■ Kaiwa (conversation)


A:  Sumimasen …

Ashita no kaigi wa nan-ji kara desu ka?

B:  Gogo 3ji kara desu yo.

A: Soo desu ka. Doo mo.



A:  Excuse me…

What is the starting time for tomorrow’s meeting (conference)?

B:  It’s from three pm.

A:  Okay, thank you.


■ Tango (vocabulary)

1. kara / from      2. made / to, until    3.  gogo/ pm

4. ashita / tomorrow    5. kaigi / meeting, conference     6. doomo / thank you

※ Soo desu ka  (with falling intonation) /  it has a lot of meaning ; I see, Okay, Uh-huh etc.,


■ Bunpoo (grammar)

① ~kara :  from

② ~made :  until, to

③ nan-ji  :  what time,   nan-ji kara  : from what time


Reibun (example sentence)


1.Kaigi wa nan-ji kara desu ka? (What time does the meeting start?)

2.Chooshoku wa 7 ji kara 9 ji made desu. (Breakfast is from 7am till 9pm.)

3.Chekku-in wa nan-ji made desu ka?  (How late can I check in?)

4.Nan-ji made desu ka?  (How late are you open? / at a coffee shop, department store, library etc.,)

5.Ginkoo wa gozen 9 ji kara desu.    (Bank opens at 9am.)