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Flexible Private Lessons

Private lessons are for a single student with a teacher. In this environment you can ask any questions you may have about Japanese, no matter how small. You will have lots opportunities to talk. Furthermore, you can choose exactly what you want to study, for instance “telephone conversations”, ” how to emails”, “kanji”, or “conversational study through reading Manga!”. Also you can change your lesson schedule to suit your own personal schedule. We recommend this for people who are busy.

frexible private lessons

Private Lessons (8Lessons)         

50min 36,000yen @4,500yen
80min 52,000yen @6,500yen
Lesson must be taken within a 3 month period.

Payment should be made before of eight lessons begins.
If you choose to continue we will arrange your next course of lessons at the time of your final lesson.Make up lesson are possible. Feel free to let us know.

Multiple Lesson Bonus
Private Lessons 24Lessons          

50min 103,200yen @4,300yen
80min 151,200yen @6,300yen
Lesson must be taken within a 6 month period.

Cancellation Policy for Private Class.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you can not attend your class, so that we can make arrangements to accommodate you. If you contact us before 6pm the day before you are going to be absent, we can offer you a make up lesson within your contract period. Should your lesson be scheduled for a Monday, please contact us no later than 12pm on the preceding Saturday. If a cancellation notice is received later than this, the full lesson charge will be levied..


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*We are not able to provide Student VISA

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